Four Wheel Alignment

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Four Wheel Alignment

Far more advanced than tracking, Four Wheel Alignment adjusts the camber, caster and toe angles of individual wheels. This helps your car to drive straight and stops your tyres wearing unevenly, giving optimum performance and savings.

Potholes in the road and everyday wheel bumps and scrapes will have an effect on how your your tyres wear and your car handles.

Correct wheel alignment can help to extend the life of your tyres, improve fuel economy and stability when braking.

Four Wheel Alignment is more advanced than tracking (or 2 wheel alignment) which is less accurately measured and does not take into account the direction of the rear wheels. Four Wheel Alignment measures a minimum of 12 angles and compares them to the vehicle manufacturer’s specified data.

  • Reduce tyre wear
  • Improve car handling
  • Improve fuel economy
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